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Sensei Sandoval competes regularly and it is something he loves to do. Joe has goals to want to become the next champion and go to the WKF World Championships. Placing in karate tournaments are some of my best accomplishments. He is finishing his degree in Kinesiology in hopes in furthering his knowledge in anatomy and physiology, proper exercise lesson plans for his classes to optimize his students training. He plans to have a better resume as he continues to train and compete. That is not his main focus though; rather, to demonstrate what can be achieved by having goals and achieve them through Karate training and teach his students that same mindset. Most, if not all of his training was received by Sensei Hiroshi Allen. Joe continues to train with Hiroshi and continues his study of Karate under him. Sensei Joe has 12 years of experience and started Karate with his uncle learning Shotokan in his living room as a kid. Ever since then, he was determined to become the best and has dedicated the study and science behind Karate and the martial arts.

It is imperative that as an instructor, Sensei Joe continues to train and learn from the best, to become the best, so his students can learn the best material possible for self-defense, incorporating karate in his own positive principles. Therefore, he believes this is a group effort. Sensei Joe has trained with Sensei Nick Catalin, the head instructor of LV Karate-Do, a champion in Karate and the former coach of the Romanian national team for JKA. He has trained in Japan under Seiji Nishimura, attended seminars with Kancho Kanazawa and trained in Canada under Kei Tsumura (Shito-Ryu Karate), James Tawato, and Tadashi Yamashita (Shorin-Ryu Karate).

Sensei Joe believes tradition is the foundation of Shotokan Karate, though he understands times have changed. He incorporate a fun approach to teaching self-defense using modern principals that most sports centers use to train athletes while retaining timeless elements. His passion is to show people there is more to Shotokan Karate than just “fighting”.

Sensei Joe quotes,

“It truly is a way of life for most of us. It teaches us to keep going and continue to better ourselves as human beings. It challenges us mentally, physically and at times, it pushes us internally to become great. I am honored that I was able to train under many Japanese masters from a young age. I feel that I should share what I have seen to my own community, it hopes to show others why it’s so cool.”

-Lorenzo Sandoval

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