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Karate Classes in Las Vegas

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The Kids Karate classes in Las Vegas consists of simple drills and exercises that help develop them in many aspects of their training. These exercise that develop their Karate training, can range from games that sharpen their reflexes, coordination drils and tools they can use to defend themselves from bullying. They learn basic Karate steps from stances to basic blocks. Students in Las Vegas learn when to properly defend themselves, and more importantly how to incorporate that focus and hard work in every aspect of their lives. These responsibilities could be better grades in school, better attitudes at home, and showing respect to their parents, friends, and peers.

Toddlers Karate Class: 3-5 Years

In this class, kids in las vegas are taught basic listening and reflex skills that enhance not only social interaction, but proper coordination to do basics steps of karate. These fundamentals are taught at a very basic level. However, it does help with cognitive thought and through proper preparation, will teach them basic goals to achieve in class. This can range from basic punching, proper stances, and blocks for basic attacks. With them learning to achieve goals in class this can help them prosper in life, and be able to achieve every day goals when it comes time.

Intermediate Toddlers: 4-6 Years

After earning a few belts the fundamental aspects of Karate begin. They begin to learn complex and integrated movements of self-defense. These can range from simple combinations sets to multiple combinations depending on the class. They learn take downs, sweeps and kicks that are effective in self-defense. Though, for their young age they are taught what self-defense is for, when and where to use, and how. They learn about bullies, how to avoid strangers, and how to never quit no matter how things get. This is a very essential part of putting their mentality into a goal setting mind set.

Beginners Kids: 6-9 Years

Along with the many things we teach in Beginner kids’ karate, the basic fundamentals are applied in class, as far as Karate training. As well as more drills that help strengthen their karate training. These are key concepts in developing quickly and learning Karate to better suit their ages. Though, still basic concepts, it develops the student into a stronger, faster, and more focused person. For kids it sometimes is harder to keep their attention focused on one subject for very long, so when training we challenge their attention span to develop them into being able to stay determined on certain things for longer periods of time.


The Teen/Adult Karate Classes in Las Vegas has more of an intense work out. Every class starts with a 30 minute warm up of conditioning. The exercises are designed for all levels of participation. Therefore, it leaves room for beginners, as well as elite athletes. With the popularization of MMA, Ageless Karate incorporates many styles of training into our style. With the realization that martial arts is always changing, due to science advancements, media and time, we combine these applications into the training. However, we do not ignore that tradition in Karate has been around in Shotokan over a 100 years, and many of the techniques taught are still effective for self-defense today.

The Adult class is a challenge for many, but we pride ourselves in teaching you proper self-defense, with little injury. Ageless Karate incorporates gun self-defense, striking effectively, and learning respect within students and those around. We want you to have to best experience possible, by having fun, getting in shape and learn something that could benefit you forever.

With this class being adults we do stress them much harder than the others just for the simple fact that they can handle it, and it just helps build them up as a person. This class is consisted of many drills, beginning with our sports conditioning drills. We use exercises for the first 30 minutes of class, really testing the students’ strength, endurance, and flexibility. The students are drilled on plyometric aspects, strength conditioning, and speed conditioning. With adults, come goals, and with these goals we can help each individual obtain these goals whether it be karate related or not, these classes can even help the mindset needed to achieve everyday task. This class benefits all ages above 10, this can keep older adults healthy physically and mentally.


Sport Karate in Las Vegas has grown to become a major sport throughout World. As previously mentioned, it is not our major focus but it is incorporated into our training. We believe that competition gives us a goal; it sharpens our skills, and teaches us how to prepare for tournaments. This teaches the students conditioning and challenges them against other Dojos (Karate Schools). It provides them with an understanding that many people do not move the same, or react the same in competition. This gives the students a huge realization of self-improvement. It gives the students a sense of belonging, showing there are many others that train in Karate in many places other than their own Dojo.

“The way you practice, is the way you preform.” -1982 WKF Karate World Champion – Tokey Hill


You will see a lot of the following methods of training in many other sports such as soccer, basketball and contact sports such as football. Sports conditioning is now used in the boxing and MMA world to improve athletes'' performance and weight loss. It does not matter what level you are. These drills are designed for beginners or elite level athletes who are looking for a challenge. Here are some of the drills we incorporate in every class:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Explosiveness
  • Reaction Time

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