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Dr. Wendi Benson Review

Our a review from Nevada State College Professor.

Erin Stark reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Lorenzo is a world-class champion fighter AND guy! He really loves his dojo and you can feel it in his presence and within his students and the walls of his gym. A-Class!!! Can't possibly recommend any more!

Dannie Bailey reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Really enjoyed watching my little brother’s class last night. Sensei Lorenzo was great with the little ones. It’s inspiring what a positive impact he’s making on the younger generation.

Tara Gere reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Such a great experience for my daughter! Sensei is amazing with the age group and my daughter has already learned so much!

Wallace Smith reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Excellent place to have your children’s birthday party. Very kind sensei and everyone is friendly and helpful. By far the best place to take your children and the best place to teach them to be interactive!

Paula Island-Boutte Lcsw reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Ageless Martial Arts offers an excellent dojo location, Sensei Lorenzo is the warmest welcoming Sensei to host children birthday parties or to learn the arts inclusively. AMA hosted my grandson 8th birthday party yesterday and the Sensei found creative ways to keep the children and parents excitedly entertained...AMA is high on my favorites list

Wendi Benson reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

This place has been amazing for my son in so many ways. Sensei Lorenzo is fully invested in helping kids (and adults) challenge themselves to meet their full potential (physically and mentally). He also throws an epic Birthday party (also for kids or adults).

Celina Nelson Thomas reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

So far we are super happy with Ageless Martial Arts and Sensei Lorenzo. He seems to really care about spreading the benefits of martial arts and takes special care to teach karate to kids in a relatable way. The teaching method is the right balance beteeen discipline and fun. And Sensei does a ridiculous amount of extras for both kids and parents. Nice to see someone ambitiously growing his small business the right way. Highly recommend Ageless Martial Arts

Angela Shino reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Sensei Lorenzo and his staff go all out and work hard to better our boys and the community. Sensei is passionate, kind and goes to great lengths to please everyone and improve the children’s abilities. Not sure if I have ever met someone who appreciates, accepts and receives thoughts from parents and others to better their business. My boys are learning how to defend themselves, work hard and becoming passionate about being great at Shotokan. They are proud of their accomplishments. Thank you, Sensei!

Carlos Barreras reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

I have been working out on my own for a very long time but never had much of any practical application of my fitness. I wanted to be able to learn how to apply my force with expertise. This want made me find Ageless. From the first time I spoke to Sensei Lorenzo on the phone he answered all of my questions with expertise and even advised to check out other schools if Ageless did not fit me, this showed me he cared more about my goal instead of his bank account. From the first time I stepped on the mat he was nothing but patient and a professional. I have only just started training at this dojo, but Sensei Lorenzo has made me incredibly excited to steep myself in Japanese tradition and learn the art of Karate. If you're not quite sure about joining or not, give the dojo a call, you'll see all the proof you need as soon as you talk to Sensei Lorenzo.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Ageless Martial Arts: Benefits of learning Karate for self-defense

Some federal statistics of bullying in the USA describes that there About 20% of student aged between 12-18 are bullied in schools. Almost 17% of students studying in different schools of the USA are bullied 3 times a month or more in a single semester.  The students being bullied share the following stats about the bullies :


  • They have more social influence – Said by 56%
  • They were physically stronger or taller- said by 40%
  • They could influence other student’s perceptions – Said by 56%


The following percentages of students ages 12-18 had faced bullying in different places at school:

    • 43.4% in Hallway and stairwell
    • 42.1% In Classroom
    • 26.8% in Cafeteria or Canteen
    • 21.9% in school grounds
    • 15.3% Online or text
    • 12.1% in Bathroom or locker room
    • 2.1% in other areas of school premises

Approximately 46% of students ages 12-18 who were bullied during the school year notified an adult at school about the bullying.


Types of bullying acts they faced

  • 13.45 were the subject of rumors or lies by bullies
  • 13.0% were made fun of, called names, or insulted by bullies
  • 5.3% were pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit on by bullies
  • 5.2% faced leaving out/exclusion by bullies
  • 3.9% were threatened with harm by bullies
  • 1.9% tried to make them do things they did not want to do
  • 1.4% said their property was destroyed on purpose



Bullying at school can cause mental diseases or disorders in children including anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. Usually, a victim of bullying loses interest in socializing and studying as well, they like to remain alone.

Furthermore, kids are more vulnerable to robbery or any other misadventure because of being an easy target and putting less resistance to such incidents.

The study described that no state in the country is free from such cases where children are being bullied in school, parks, or anywhere they might go without parents. Las Vegas has its own portion in it, and we are eager to promote the martial arts in Las vegas to empower and encourage children to protect themselves and others while in danger.

Just imagine if the victims of bullying knew some art of fighting like karate, the situation would have been different and the stats about those bulling cases could go the other way. Learning martial arts, especially Karate, can help a child to tackle those bullying situations with ease and confidence. Physically and mentally trained children can defend themselves in any dangerous situation and they can also help others being bullied.  Karate is very near to the street fighting style and a well-trained Karateka can easily tackle any misadventure imposed by bullies.


Childhood is the best phase of life to learn something great which lasts till the old ages. Kid’s creative and unoccupied mind clutches new techniques and ideas cheerfully. At that stage, a kid should learn a martial art which not only improves their physical conditions but also their mental and emotional states. Learning karate offers a child the opportunity to establish a great physique and emotionally stable mind and a great chance to climb the height of their potential.  Let’s have a look at the benefits of learning the art of Karate for the purpose of self-defense.


Karate as a Self Defense tool for kids

Gaining reflexes, power, stamina, and courage to face threats is important for a kid. By learning karate, kids master the skills required to counter the bullies in school, street, or anywhere confronted. Karate is specifically developed to counter and nullify the reach and height advantages of a bigger and taller opponent, and it focuses on both; inside and outside fighting styles. We know well when both the fighters are on the ground, there’s no reach or height advantages. At that point, some chokes or locks can end the matter at its earliest stage.

Rigid footwork and low stances in Karate can be really helpful in swift movements and timely reflexes to avoid the punches or kicks and land the counter strikes.

It is a well-accepted fact that the right to defend oneself is legally attached to the protection of others. One may utilize their Karate skills to save someone from danger, impending threat, swear injuries, or death.


But along with self-defense, karate offers many other advantages as well. Let’s have a look at those.


Karate for Self Confidence for kids

The first benefit a kid gets by learning Karate is to build up confidence. Having the confidence and dare to stand up to the difficulty is priceless, especially for a kid still in a malleable period. A combination of feedback and encouragement from the instructor is what keeps students reaching the peaks of confidence along with other useful skills.

Karate for Character development and Leadership skills

while learning karate, the kids must prove their abilities and skills before advancing to the next belt or rank. So this requires great consistency, effort, and dedication to wearing the belt of the upper level. All this requires a demonstration of the correct implementation of techniques. So, all those colorful milestones and their subsequent degrees encourage a kid to schedule, prioritize and plan their activities.

We all know that every martial art is based upon the ranking system, where higher belts represent advanced skills. As kids achieve the higher ranks, they become leaders to the juniors, often offering aid, coaching, or tips. So, leadership is also a side benefit of learning self-defense.


Karate for Resilience in Children

undouble, karate also develops an awesome characteristic of resilience in children. For example, when the young karateka kids are confronted by some bullies, they implement their learned resilience and mechanism to tackle that threat. Furthermore, this resilience is also reflected in their emotional, social, and academic performances.


Karate for Health and Wellness for children

Day by day physical activities of any martial art help kids in maintaining their health and wellness. Kids who learn martial arts also serve their bodies with healthy food and balanced nutrients required for good health. And this healthy food intake becomes their habit and lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

I listed a few benefits of learning martial arts, especially karate, the benefits are a lot more and peace of mind for the parents is one of them. Parents want their child to excel in every field of life and they really don’t want their kids to be threatened or bullied by anyone. But once they see their kid performing well during Martial art classes, they can imagine how well their kid will do against any unpleasant situations.


But knowing how to defend oneself is half of the story, there must be self-discipline to neutralize any situation with calm and without violence and any illegal activity, and that’s an art itself.


In general, any martial art is more than just moving hands and kicks to nullify a danger, or wining the different colored belts. It is about mastering the art of self-defense along with gaining a powerful mind, healthy body, adopting a lifestyle, and character building.


The USA, especially Las Vegas is enriched with many martial art training institutes, where your kids can learn how to protect themselves and the art of living a healthy and confident life.


Ageless Karate is one of the leading institutes in Las Vegas where all these facilities are being provided to the kids. Lots of satisfied parents and students are our words of mouth. And the honest testimonials on Facebook, Google, and yelp are proof of our leadership in this sector. Our mission is to teach students how to be dedicated to change and the betterment of themselves through martial arts. And we are serving society with flocks of confident and positive minds every month.

Ageless Karate in Las Vegas is like another school to your kids, which aids in their mental, physical, and educational growth. That’s the reason we are known as the leaders in Martial arts in Las Vegas. After learning about the above stats related to children being bullied, we are eager to push our limits to the extremes of the United States of America. Our love and affection for martial art are what make us keep serving your kids with dedication and motivation.


We are well aware that it’s not always about fighting, sometimes there is a need for a little dialogue delivered confidently. Sometimes, it’s about accepting the mistake to end the quarrels, sometimes it’s about facing the bitter truth with ease and calmness. Sometimes, it’s about stepping back to solve the matter. This is what we train our lovely kids and that’s how we are serving Las Vegas with Karate and other martial arts.


Since the topic was for kids so we emphasize on the children otherwise, our names ‘ Ageless karate ‘ describes itself that we serve folks of all ages; don’t be surprised if you see an old guy doing some Kata or other feats of martial arts at Ageless Karate in Las Vegas.


Reasons to join us?


We have scientists of the martial arts in Las Vegas.

We are making exceptional fighters and instructors for more than a decade.

We are fully Equipped & Staffed to meet all the modern requirements of a Karate club in Las Vegas.

We not only work on the physical training but also your kid’s mental health & self-discipline.

We train our students to tackle any given situation by improving their stamina and cardiovascular health.

We inspire and motivate our students to stick to their training schedule and practice sessions and make sure they fall in love with it.

We are also fully focused on the weight loss/gain and body sculpting effects of our students.

We make the “Gentleman Warriors”; not the “Street Fighting Bullies”.

We gauge your kid’s progress by having a weekly Sparring Session to find their standing and progress.


Eager to join us? Can’t wait to get you in!

Call us 702-374-3323 and book now!


Note: to guarantee the quality, only limited spots are available. Book or request info as soon as you can.