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Our a review from Nevada State College Professor.

Erin Stark reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
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Lorenzo is a world-class champion fighter AND guy! He really loves his dojo and you can feel it in his presence and within his students and the walls of his gym. A-Class!!! Can't possibly recommend any more!

Dannie Bailey reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Really enjoyed watching my little brother’s class last night. Sensei Lorenzo was great with the little ones. It’s inspiring what a positive impact he’s making on the younger generation.

Tara Gere reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

Such a great experience for my daughter! Sensei is amazing with the age group and my daughter has already learned so much!

Wallace Smith reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
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Excellent place to have your children’s birthday party. Very kind sensei and everyone is friendly and helpful. By far the best place to take your children and the best place to teach them to be interactive!

Paula Island-Boutte Lcsw reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
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Ageless Martial Arts offers an excellent dojo location, Sensei Lorenzo is the warmest welcoming Sensei to host children birthday parties or to learn the arts inclusively. AMA hosted my grandson 8th birthday party yesterday and the Sensei found creative ways to keep the children and parents excitedly entertained...AMA is high on my favorites list

Wendi Benson reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

This place has been amazing for my son in so many ways. Sensei Lorenzo is fully invested in helping kids (and adults) challenge themselves to meet their full potential (physically and mentally). He also throws an epic Birthday party (also for kids or adults).

Celina Nelson Thomas reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

So far we are super happy with Ageless Martial Arts and Sensei Lorenzo. He seems to really care about spreading the benefits of martial arts and takes special care to teach karate to kids in a relatable way. The teaching method is the right balance beteeen discipline and fun. And Sensei does a ridiculous amount of extras for both kids and parents. Nice to see someone ambitiously growing his small business the right way. Highly recommend Ageless Martial Arts

Angela Shino reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
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Sensei Lorenzo and his staff go all out and work hard to better our boys and the community. Sensei is passionate, kind and goes to great lengths to please everyone and improve the children’s abilities. Not sure if I have ever met someone who appreciates, accepts and receives thoughts from parents and others to better their business. My boys are learning how to defend themselves, work hard and becoming passionate about being great at Shotokan. They are proud of their accomplishments. Thank you, Sensei!

Carlos Barreras reviewed Ageless Martial Arts
via Facebook

I have been working out on my own for a very long time but never had much of any practical application of my fitness. I wanted to be able to learn how to apply my force with expertise. This want made me find Ageless. From the first time I spoke to Sensei Lorenzo on the phone he answered all of my questions with expertise and even advised to check out other schools if Ageless did not fit me, this showed me he cared more about my goal instead of his bank account. From the first time I stepped on the mat he was nothing but patient and a professional. I have only just started training at this dojo, but Sensei Lorenzo has made me incredibly excited to steep myself in Japanese tradition and learn the art of Karate. If you're not quite sure about joining or not, give the dojo a call, you'll see all the proof you need as soon as you talk to Sensei Lorenzo.

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How To Practice Kids Karate In Las Vegas With Joint Pain

Does your child feel joint pain after their karate practices? If yes, it may likely be caused by Osteoarthritis. For those unaware, Osteoarthritis is the scientific way doctors use to say chronic joint inflammation.

While it was first common for only people older than fifty to be diagnosed with this condition, it is now a common condition for young people to get it when they participate in a contact sport.

Now you know that Karate is not an exception to this pain. When a kid is enrolled in any of these martial arts schools in Las Vegas, the most popular joints affected by Osteoarthritis are the hips and knees.

For those whose knees and hips hurt from high kicks and deep stances, there is a possibility of having Osteoarthritis. However, it would be best if you did not worry, as there is a solution for this.

Causes Of Osteoarthritis

Like we mentioned earlier, Osteoarthritis used to be common in older people, but as it stands, age is no longer the deciding factor. Osteoarthritis is caused by heavy impact and rotational forces on the joint.

For this reason, those who practice contact sports and are enrolled in some martial arts schools in Las Vegas get to have this pain. In simpler terms, the joint cartilage breaks down faster than how it recovers. With this, the damages tend to add up.

  • Some of the reasons for Osteoarthritis are:
  • The repetitive moves that tend to stress the joints
  • Past injuries on the joints
  • Heavy or high impact and torsional loads on both the hips and knees
  • Genetic abnormality found in the joint structure
  • Poor muscle stabilization around the joint region
  • Hard training styles that leaves little to no time for recovery, and finally;
  • Stress on a specific side of the joint as a result of muscle imbalance





Practicing Karate With Joint Pain

Even if your kid has joint pains and their dream is to hold a black belt in Karate, they can be enrolled in any martial arts school in Las Vegas. The reason is that there are ways to practice Karate even with joint pain. These ways include:

  1. Strengthening of the muscles that fully support the joint

Once your kid has weak surrounding muscles, they will have to depend on the joint to bear the full load. This can be disastrous for the cartilage. However, the solution here is to strengthen the muscles that support the joint structure.

The karate practitioners must depend on them for any form of stabilization. This can be done by carrying out double or even single leg bridges. Doing this entails laying on your back with bent knees.

You are to keep your feet flat on the floor, and as you keep your back straight, you are to lift your butt in an upwards direction. As you do this, you will need to go back down slowly.

These moves should be repeated about four to six times after the first try. If you feel okay, you can try another set and do it on one leg.

  1. Engage in mobility exercises

It is vital to move your joint during karate training. While people may think the solution to this problem is stretching, it is far from being enough. The real issue has nothing to do with flexibility but mobility.

If you never knew, mobility is the capability to move your joint through its complete range of motion. It can be called dynamic or active flexibility.

  1. Utilize joint support

There are lots of tools you can use to help support your joints. One of such tools that will be amazing for this purpose is the elastic sleeves. You can also make use of compressions garments.

The reason for these tools is that they help the muscles that fully protect the joints. You can also wear a brace that assists in maintaining the ideal joint structure and alignment, and it will not matter if you are tired.

However, you must avoid wearing it at all times. The muscles will need to be trained without support as well.

  1. Be active and fit

Your kid can be in any martial arts school in Las Vegas, even with joint pains, as long as he or she stays active and fit. Note that being overweight will incredibly speed up the cartilage wear, especially when it blends with karate practice.

If your kid is already in great shape, he can take on low impact exercises such as walking or swimming. Gradually they can be reintroduced to karate training while simultaneously maintaining an active lifestyle.

  1. Discuss with the sensei, physical therapist, and doctor

When dealing with joint pains, it entails making some adjustments to the child’s training in the karate studio. It will mean that you will need to talk with the sensei and communicate with either the physical therapist or the doctor.

The need for this communication is so that everyone can be on the same page.

  1. Upgrade or avoid karate techniques

You may likely need to alter your karate techniques depending on how critical the joint pain is. For some, they will need only to tone down their intensity. However, if deep stances make the knees hurt, the kid will need to take on a stance that is not so deep.

As for some other people, they will need to avoid specific techniques in general.

  1. Warm up the joints

Before the karate training begins, it is ideal that the child warms up his or her joints. Note that, regular warm-ups carried out before the class begins surely not enough. A longer time is needed.

The child must focus on easier versions of techniques that will cause discomfort normally. This means that if kicking causes discomfort, the child should draw little circles with their foot instead.

Note that the rotation around the hip socket will prepare for more range of motion. Furthermore, he or she should swing their leg in a larger circle and do a gentle kick. The key is to take baby steps.

  1. Avoid training through the joint pain

It is always a bad idea to walk the pain off. It does not make you cool or strong to train until your whole body falls apart. Do you want to never train again? Understand that the joint pain is a way your body communicates to you that something is off.

As a student of martial arts, you are not meant to be pain induced in any way except you were hit or you are experience soreness of muscles.


As your kids’ practice in any of the martial arts schools in Las Vegas, they must learn to maintain ideal form and posture and perform their techniques even with joint pains. Managing joint pains during training can be quite sad, and changing how you practice tend to be frustrating.

However, never look back to the times before the joint pains began and take each opportunity to allow your Karate to evolve into something more sophisticated. Your pain can be used as a source of growth and transformation. Students learning Kumite and wearing safety gear during their session. Having a safe environment to learn this skill can be challenging but rewarding.